“Guess who’s off the vent? This girl!!!”

Monday was a good day.  Honestly, I feel like we dodged a bullet.  An armor piercing bullet.

Anya texted me on Monday morning, “Guess who’s off the vent? This girl!!!”.  Not only did she get off the ventilator on her own, but her oxygen requirements are back to what they were before we got to the hospital.  She’s on 6 liters of oxygen now with near 100% saturation levels, which means that she has room to go down.  She was on 35-45 liters all of last week, with saturation levels hovering around the 90%-95% levels.

I’m still not sure what happened that made her look and feel so much better, but whatever happened, worked.  The doctors haven’t been able to give me a clear answer either.  Most of them seem to think that the bronchoscopy cleared some “mucus plugs” in her lungs, adding that the nutrition from the J-tube has helped as well.


Anya still has quite a way to go before she gets out of the hospital, but I feel like it’s a possibility now.  Next step is to get her out of the ICU and onto one of the other floors.  The physical therapy crew has been coming in daily to make her exercise.  The J-tube has been giving her roughly 920 calories per day.  She’s also been eating three meals a day.

So, we just heard about 15 minutes ago that Houston Methodist accepted Anya for an evaluation.  That’s pretty big news.  Although there are no guarantees for Anya to be listed over there, it’s, at least, a step in the right direction.  We don’t know the exact details right now, but the plan is to transfer Anya to Houston Methodist via an Air Ambulance, probably in the next week.  Once she gets there, they’ll most likely have to do several days of tests and then they’ll make a decision on whether she is eligible for a transplant or not.

Sigh (relief).  A lot has happened over the past 4 or 5 days…

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