Happy 6th Transplant Anniversary to Anya!

Six years ago today, Anya received her new lungs from an anonymous donor.  After 3 years on the waiting list (on and off), with a breathing capacity of around 12% (FEV1). she finally got “the call” around noon on June 24, 2008.  Roughly 35 days later, she was out of the hospital, and back to 100% breathing capacity.  Six months later, Anya and I met for the first time.  What a ride it’s been since then!

I don’t talk about organ donation often, but after meeting Anya, I’ve read and learned a lot about it.  Simply put:

how many lives can one person save with organ donation

In my opinion, organ donation is single handedly the easiest thing that one person can do to help another.  Here’s a link, just in case you’re interested:


Click on your state, fill out the form, and boom, you’re registered.

Without organ donation, Anya would not be here today, along with many, many others in need of organs every single day.  That’s the reality.

how many people are on the waiting list

With Anya on the cusp of another transplant, if there’s only one thing that we could choose for you to help, it would be to register as an organ donor.

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