Houston Methodist – Day 12: Update

Anya’s still in the ICU.  They are trying to get this collapsed lung (pneumothorax) fixed.  I’m hoping that once they get this fixed, then Anya will go back to how she was feeling before the bronchoscopy procedure last Wednesday.  As of this moment, she is having a really tough time breathing and she is retaining way too much CO2 in her lungs.  That needs to get better, otherwise, they will need to intubate her.

I talked to the doctor earlier and he told me about the review board meeting.  He wasn’t actually at the meeting, but he did relay some information from the other doctor who was there.  Here’s what the review board needs from Anya before they list her:

  • Gain some weight (roughly 9 pounds, which will put her BMI at 17)
  • Gain some strength (walk roughly 100ft to 200ft on her own with oxygen)
  • ~3 months of antibiotics with multiple negative cultures

The review board is going to re-evaluate her every Tuesday to see how she’s progressing.  If they feel like she’s ready, then they will list her, but at this time, they don’t feel as though she is ready yet.

2 thoughts on “Houston Methodist – Day 12: Update

  1. Linda Banks says:

    This is Linda Anya’s neighbor. I appreciate the updates I’ve been following them along the way. Please tell Anya I said hello and that im sending her all of the good girlfriend mojo I can muster!

  2. Sandra Goff says:

    Stay Strong, Anya !! Sending you love, prayers, and virtual hugs daily !! You are an inspiration to us and the sheer definition of “strength” !! You are a warrior and we love you <3

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