Houston Methodist – Day 13 & 14: Ventilator

Anya was placed on a ventilator this morning to give her lungs and body a much needed break from breathing on her own.  Tomorrow morning, they will put a tracheostomy tube in her as a longer term solution.  Yes, it’s another setback.  She really can’t afford too many more of these.

I think that she will probably feel a lot better after 12-24 hours on the vent.  Although this was not what we wanted, it was absolutely necessary because her lungs were retaining way too much CO2 on their own.  The excess CO2 was causing her to become sleepy and incoherent.  Unfortunately, all of this will set her back another few weeks.

I wish that I had better news.  We’ll know more by tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Houston Methodist – Day 13 & 14: Ventilator

  1. Deloris Ullmann says:

    It is so hard to find words to address what is happening here. Please tell Anya that even those of us who do not personally know her care more than she will ever know. We are praying. God is good and we will trust him to intervene here. I can’t wait to hear that things turn around for Anya. God bless. Deloris

  2. Kate Goodrich says:

    Mike you truly are amazing. I hope that my sons can be as strong a man as you are. I haven’t even met you but I know if Anya loves you, then I love you. Praying for both of you.

    • Connie McConnell says:

      Dear Mike, You are an amazing person. Your love for Anya inspires so many but more importantly it gives Anya that edge to keep on fighting and stay strong. I am sending my love and prayers to you, Anya, and her family. God bless

  3. Kathy Golden says:

    Dear Mike & Anya, I’m a friend of Jocelyn’s and I wanted you to know you’re all in my and my family’s thoughts and prayers. We wish you both healing and peace. You’ve got countless people wishing you well! xoxo

  4. Karen Marks says:

    I am a friend of your mom’s, Anya and used to teach with her. I am praying daily for you, Anya. I have asked my daughter to pray for you as well. I believe in God’s healing power, and also that it is God’s will to heal you. I have emailed several ministries to request that their prayer warriors lift you up in prayer. Hang in there, and stay strong. God will bring you through this.

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