Houston Methodist – Day 2: More Tests

Photo Aug 30, 8 53 10 AM

Our agenda for the day.

Only 2 of the 5 scheduled tests were performed.  The “stress test” was rescheduled for tomorrow, as well as the “echo” and “modified barium swallow”.  It took about 2 hours to do both of the CT scans.

I told Anya that I could probably just eat some potato chips in her ear for the stress test.  No need to waste the doctor’s time.

I guess it was somewhat of an uneventful day, in terms of tests.  Anya was able to get a shower in; first time in nearly two weeks and she did it all by herself!

We did get some visitors today, Becky and her daughter, Lauren.  It’s always nice when people go out of their way to do something for no other reason than the kindness of their heart.  And I’m not just saying that because they brought us pizza.  Thanks for the visit…and the pizza!

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Photo Aug 30, 6 56 52 PM

In addition to all of this fun, two doctors came to visit. The liver transplant doctor came in first.  Again, he was very reassuring. He said that based on what he’s seen so far, he doesn’t think that Anya will need a liver transplant. They will need to do another test or two, but if need be, they will list her for a double lung redo + liver. I asked him if they’ve ever done this before and he told me that they’ve transplanted around 10 total and 5-6 of those were CFers. I will confirm with the pulmonary doctor.

The pulmonary doctor came in next.  He just kind of reiterated what he said the previous day….finish all of the tests, meeting on Tuesday, stay the course…

That’s about it for the day.

2 thoughts on “Houston Methodist – Day 2: More Tests

  1. Paul Wharton says:

    Thank you for keeping us posting in an upbeat, entertaining way. I am inspired by Anya’s positive outlook and it makes me feel great everytime she experiences a personal triumph! Checking in daily, all my love to Anya and family!

  2. Erin Toohey says:

    Thanks for the updates Jocelyn. I can’t get you girls off my mind. Sending prayers constantly. I never get on fb that much, but am doing it daily just to keep tabs. Hang in there- you’re the best sis in the world.

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