Houston Methodist – Day 3: Stress Test, Echo, & EKG

Not much to report today.

Anya spent four hours downstairs doing a “stress test”, an echocardiogram and an EKG in the morning.  She told me that the technician gave her a shot of something, which made her feel like she was having a panic attack.  Her breathing became labored, then they took some measurements.

You can learn more about the stress test here.  With this stress test, I don’t think they’ll need to do a heart cath anymore, which is a lot more invasive.  Phew.

The echo and the EKG were pretty straight forward.  A couple of leads hooked up to the body and a lot of measurements.  I think Anya was finally able to get some sleep while the technician was doing the echo.

Anya was done with all of her tests by noon.  Lauren and her husband, Steven, came to visit us from around 3pm til about 6pm.  They brought a bag of goodies from Trader Joes.  We can’t thank them enough for their support while we’ve been down here.

The liver doctor didn’t have much to add to the previous day’s meeting.  He wanted us to get the liver biopsy slides from Fairfax Inova, so that they could analyze them.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get those until Tuesday at the earliest.

The pulmonary doctor stressed to us again that the liver and skin cancers will be of concern when they decide on whether to list Anya or not.  He did add that he would be doing the same thing as Anya if he were in her shoes.

Monday, we have the day off from tests because it’s a holiday for some of the hospital staff, so the plan is to commandeer a wheel chair and explore the hospital a little bit.  There’s a rumor that there’s a nice, serene garden located somewhere on the first floor.  I’ll take some pictures if we can find it.

Photo Aug 31, 8 17 47 PM

Sunday Dinner


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