Houston Methodist ICU – Day 20 -> Kindred Hospital – Day 1, 2 & 3

Boogie Board

Boogie Board

Anya spent nearly 20 days at Houston Methodist Hospital with 10 of those days in the ICU.  On Wednesday, she was moved to Kindred Hospital across the street.

Kindred Hospital a long term care facility for all types of patients.  On her floor, the 5th floor, all of the patients are either pre or post transplant.  It’s a great facility because all of her transplant doctors from Houston Methodist make their rounds over at Kindred Hospital as well.

We’ve only been at Kindred for 3 days, but from what I’ve seen so far, the care at Kindred has been top notch.  It seems as though there are more nurses and therapists per patient here.  The good thing about Kindred is that Anya has her own private room with a door, a window and a bathroom.

In the ICU, she spent most of her days looking outside a huge glass door staring at doctors, other patients, nurses, dead people (yes, a recently transplanted guy died in the next room and we looked on as they brought the gurney in to get him), and just a lot of hoopla.  It’s definitely a more comfortable setting at Kindred.

So, how’s Anya doing?  Well, she still has two chest tubes in her and she’s still breathing through her trach tube on CPAP.  She still can’t talk yet.  From what I understand, she may not be able to talk until she gets a transplant, unless she can somehow use a nasal cannula with the trach tube deflated.  That may be an option in a week or two. Overall though, she looks good, minus all of the tubes coming out of her.  I feel like her breathing is the best that it’s been for a while now.  I think once she gets all of the tubes out of her, she’ll feel even better.

We’re still getting some conflicting answers from some of the doctors in terms when, and if, they will list her.  The infectious disease doctor came in on Thursday and told us that they’d like to get 6 months of IV antibiotics in her before listing her.  Then, the pulmonary doctor came in on Friday and said “3 months”.  Ideally, I think both sides would like to get the full 6 months of treatment, some weight gain, and lots of physical therapy before listing her.

It’s been pretty tough not being able to talk to Anya.  She’s been writing on the Boogie Board and we’ve been reading her lips, but not being able to talk to her really sucks.  I’m sure it sucks even worse for her.

If anyone wants to send her anything, please send it to this address:

Kindred Hospital, attn: Anya Crum Room 509, 6441 Main St, Houston, TX 77030

You can send anything, but live plants.  The bacteria and fungus in the soil are not good for her lungs.

BTW…thank you to Chrissy for driving over an hour to bring us a home cooked meal!  Anya didn’t get to eat any, but her parents and myself sure enjoyed the non-cafeteria food.

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flowers from chrissy

One thought on “Houston Methodist ICU – Day 20 -> Kindred Hospital – Day 1, 2 & 3

  1. sue nelson says:

    Mike, if there is a speech therapist at the rehab center you may want to ask about a “passey-Muir” device. It is a small plastic device that can sometimes be used with vent patients to help them talk be redirecting air. Not all patients can use it but if they can it is relatively inexpensive.

    Love you guys, cousin Sue

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