Houston, We Have Landed!

Things have been moving so fast over here.

On Monday morning, Anya was still intubated and we weren’t sure if she’d be able to get off the vent on her own.  In addition, the doctors told us that she might have a new lung infection in her lower lobes.

Fast forward three days.  Anya’s breathing has gotten so much better that I would say she’s probably breathing better than when she was at home before the hospital visit.  If I weren’t here to see it, I probably wouldn’t believe it.

Then, yesterday, we received the good news that Houston Methodist accepted Anya for a transplant evaluation.  What a whirlwind of emotions it’s been.

Photo Aug 28, 4 45 56 PMHere I am, sitting in an Air Ambulance right now, flying to Houston, TX (Thank you papa Crum for this).  I’m not quite sure what to expect over there.  Do they know about Anya’s liver?  How about the mycobacterium Abscessus?  The social worker over at Houston Methodist made it a point to tell us that this is just an evaluation and not an acceptance into their lung transplant program.

At this point, I guess we’re just happy to have this opportunity.  I’m pretty confident that Anya will be able to meet all of the physical challenges of their program, but things like the liver and the mycobacterium will be completely out of our control.  Those are the things that scare me.

Photo Aug 28, 9 04 27 PMAnya seems to be in good spirits right now.  She kept saying in the medical transport that she couldn’t believe that this was happening.  Five days ago, we were all in a pretty dark place.  Anya asked her dad to say a prayer for us, while the three of us held hands, letting the tears flow.  Anya asked her niece and nephew to come in and give her a hug before they wheeled her off to do the two procedures.

I hate to relive those moments, but I heard this quote from the tv show, The Knick, the other day…”in the blackest darkness, even a dim light is better than no light at all”.

Thanks everyone for your support.  All of the outpouring from the Facebook page, text messages, emails, phone calls, hospital visits, DONATIONS, have really helped Anya keep her mind off of the unknown, and more into the known, which is that there are many people out there that care for and love Anya.  #StayStrongAnya

2 thoughts on “Houston, We Have Landed!

  1. Heather says:

    So glad to hear that you have made it to Houston and that they have agreed to at least take a look. You are always in my prayers and I hope for the best. Love you!

    P.S. I was at the Noble County Fair today and Ashton loves the animals. She did not want to leave the goats. I was remembering your goat and hanging out at the fair. I got one of those frozen orange things we used to love. I don’t know how many of those things we ate during the fair week. It wasn’t as good as I remember as a kid, but it was nostalgic anyway. Those are memories I cherish 🙂

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