Inova Fairfax Liver Biopsy Results – Good News!

We received a call from Mr. Lam, the liver PA, yesterday about the results of Anya’s liver biopsy.  We already knew that the “pressures” were normal, but we didn’t know the results of the liver biopsy yet.  Mr. Lam gave us the good news that Anya does not have cirrhosis of the liver.  PHEW!

We kinda, already knew that she didn’t have cirrhosis based on what the doctors told us a few weeks ago, but yesterday, it was confirmed through another biopsy.  What a relief.  Huge relief.

Three months ago, the doctors at Duke told us that Anya probably has cirrhosis, and would probably need a double lung retransplant + a liver transplant.  Today, that prognosis has totally changed.  We’re still waiting for the final word from Duke, but we’re pretty certain that the liver transplant is no longer necessary.  Anya has to call Dr. Berg, the liver medical director at Duke, some time next week to confirm, but we’re hopeful that this paves the way for us to relocate down to Duke to get Anya ready for a double lung retransplant.

The double lung retransplant is already going to be adventure, but at least it’s an adventure that a lot of transplantees have already experienced.

Anyways, the waiting game continues.  These days, the only thing that we’re certain of is that we’ll have to wait for someone or some thing…

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