J-Tube & Bronchoscopy

Anya is still in the CCU.  We’re on day 6 now.  She is alert, awake, coherent, like her normal self, except she just can’t breathe, which is causing a slew of other problems like lack of sleep, nausea/dry heaves when eating, and pain.  Her lung function is probably down to about 13%-15%.  Her last CO2 levels are around 59 (normal 35-45).  She’s still on 35-45 liters of oxygen.  She’s down to 82 lbs now.

The doctors have not seen enough progress, so they are going to be a little more aggressive with their treatment.  This morning, Anya is going to be intubated and put on a ventilator while they put a Jejunostomy Tube (J-tube) into her.  The J-tube should help with her nutrition, since she has not been able to get enough calories on her own.   She can’t possibly eat enough on her own to counteract the amount of energy that she’s expending just to breathe.

In addition to the J-tube, they are also going to do a much needed bronchoscopy.  Hopefully, a flush of the mucus in her lungs will help her breathe a little better.  The idea with both of these procedures is to get her stronger and rely on less oxygen, which will help her fight off this infection a little easier.

One of the big risks of being put onto a ventilator in her state is that she will not be able come off of the vent on her own after the procedures.  There is also a risk of pneumonia due to the forced air going directly into her lungs.  The upside is that after the procedure, the doctors can control how much and when she eats by putting liquified food into the J-tube.  This procedure should also help with her nausea and dry heaves.

The bronchoscopy should help with her overall breathing.  She was at 19% FEV1 last week and she’s probably more like 13%-15% now.  Hopefully, clearing some of the mucus in her lungs will bring her back to the 19% area.

Please continue praying for Anya and thinking about her.  She’s pretty scared and needs as much strength as possible right now.

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