Kindred Hospital – Week 7 – MRB

The medical review board (MRB) met this morning to discuss Anya’s case.  Around 10:30am, the nurse practitioner and surgeon’s assistant came in to give us the news.  The transplant surgeons (two of them) want to meet with Anya and see her before listing her.  Also, the liver team wants to “lay eyes on her” before giving the okay.  Hopefully, these two things will happen before the day is over.  If not, then they will most likely happen tomorrow.

The good news is that the infectious disease doctor fully cleared Anya for transplant.  As a matter of fact, the doctor’s assistant came in just a little while ago and told us that the doctor texted her this morning at 7am (before the MRB meeting) and told her that he was going to clear her for transplant.  That is most definitely great news.

I asked the doctor’s assistant how the infectious disease doctor came to his decision and she told me that the team believes the “benefit” of transplant is greater than the “risk” at the current moment.  Phew!

So, as of 2pm, Anya is not listed yet.  We are hopeful that she will be listed before the week is over.  Please keep the positive thoughts coming.  We need just about every little bit of it right now.

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