Liver Biopsy – Take 2

The liver biopsy at Fair Oaks Hospital on Monday was not performed because one of the equipment people failed to deliver the necessary equipment on time.  What a botch!  The doctor was pissed, as were we.

Anya had an IV in her; they wheeled her into the procedure room, and about 45 minutes later, they came and got me in the waiting room.  Anya was fully dressed and pissed.

How could an entire operation involving so many people be put to a halt due to one person’s failure to do their job?  Crazy, but I guess it happens.  I really hope this person is reprimanded because something like this is inexcusable.

Luckily, we were able to reschedule the liver biopsy for today.  We left the house around 11:30am.  All of the paper work, the prep work….the IV, etc. took about 2 hours, so the actual procedure didn’t start until around 2pm.  One of the physician’s assistants (PA) came and got me around 3:25pm.  Anya was a little woozy because she told the docs to give her a little extra “sleepy time” medicine, but it didn’t take her too long to wake up from the anesthesia.

After the procedure, the doctor came in and told us about some of the results that he found.  He said that Anya’s “pressures” were around 7-8.  I asked him what that meant, and he explained to me that normal “pressures” were around 5 and full blown portal hypertension was 12+, sometimes as high as 20.  He said that based on those numbers Anya DOES NOT HAVE PORTAL HYPERTENSION.  Good news for sure.

They had to keep her under observation for 3 hours, so we didn’t actually get home until around 8:15pm.  Pretty long day.  Especially for Anya, who wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything until after the procedure was done.

Now, we’re just waiting on the results of the liver biopsy, which he said would take around 2-7 days.  Hopefully, they will deliver some more good news in the upcoming week.

anya - liver biopsy

Anya in her liver biopsy attire

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