Post Transplant – Day 2

Anya’s continuing to progress. She had two out of four chest tubes removed this afternoon. No problems there. They tried to put her on the trach collar today, but after 30 minutes her heart rate shot up to the 140s, so they decided to give her a rest and try again tomorrow. Her body is still getting adjusted to the new lungs. She hasn’t breathed on her own in a few months so her chest muscles need time to relearn how to inhale and exhale by just using her muscles, without the help of a machine.

Overall though, blood work, X-rays, and all other tests are still unremarkable, which is a good thing. I don’t know when the next scheduled bronch is but they will most likely take a few samples to test for acute rejection which is a fairly common thing with new transplantees. Anti-rejection meds have to be adjusted fairly frequently to make sure that the body doesn’t try to fight off the new organ.

The swelling in her neck has already gone down. They also removed what’s called the Swan line which is a line that goes from her neck directly into her heart to measure pressures and other heart related things. In addition, they removed the arterial line, which they were using to measure her oxygen and co2 levels in her blood. She still has one big line with three ports coming out of her neck, which they’ve been using to administer all of the meds and to draw blood.

Overall, Anya is doing great for having been out of transplant surgery for less than 48 hours. ¬†Obviously, there’s still a lot to be done. First things first though….get her on the trach collar for 48 hours, get some nutrition into her and get her up on her feet and walking…

Til tomorrow…

btw…we are no longer at kindred hospital so please send all cards and letters to the following address:

1 Hermann park court apt 350, houston, tx 77021

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