Post Transplant – Day 3


The green button that releases the happy medicine every 20 minutes

Not a whole lot to report today. The nurse tried to stand Anya up this morning  but her heart rate shot up to the 140s again so they decided to give it another day before they push again.  Her body is still healing from the surgery. There’s no timeframe for when she’ll be ready to get off the ventilator and up and walking, but I imagine that it will be very soon here.

They did lower the settings on her vent, so she’s using less support and oxygenation now.  Getting her off the vent is going to be a gradual process since she was on it for so long pre-transplant.  Her new lungs are working great though. Her saturation levels haven’t dipped below 93 even with movement.

Her blood pressure has been normal.  They started her on a low feed (30mL per hour) through her j-tube, so she’s getting some nutrition now.  She’s a little bit swollen around the arms and legs, but nothing too bad.  Her two remaining chest tubes will remain in her for at least a few more days.

Tomorrow, the pulmonary doctor is going to perform a bronchoscopy on her to clean out the mucus in her lungs and check on the sutures.  I don’t think a biopsy is scheduled with the bronch, so it should be a pretty quick procedure done at her bedside.

Overall, I’m still amazed at how well she looks and how well she’s doing. I know that the recovery will be a slow gradual process, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Anya will be up and walking soon.


5 thoughts on “Post Transplant – Day 3

  1. kate Goodrich says:

    Anya- you look gorgeous and so relieved. Of course, maybe it is the happy meds! 🙂 stay on those meds so your body can heal faster though!

  2. Julie Olson says:

    Dear Anya,
    I’m Lauren Olson’s step mom. Brava on your lung transplant – hang in there, you’ve done this before I see! I had a double organ transplant in 1991 (kidney/pancreas) maybe Lauren told you. I just wanted to cheer you on and send thoughts of blessings and healing on your recovery to the fullness of life again! What a gift – a new set of lungs! How sweet the breath of life! And by the looks of it, it is very sweet in YOU.
    With Hugs and encouragement,
    Julie Olson

  3. Julie (Parks) Jones says:

    Just wanting to send our best wishes to a very amazing girl !! God’s gift……………..”LIFE” ! May he continue to bless you and your family.

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