Post Transplant – Day 4

Anya was on the trach collar for about 9 hours yesterday.  The trach collar is essentially room air with a little bit of added oxygen.  Her oxygen saturation levels were great, so it looks like her new lungs are working great.

She also had another chest tube removed yesterday.  There’s only one more left.  That last one may take a few more days since it’s still draining quite a bit of blood and fluids between the lungs and the chest cavity (about 400cc/24 hours).  Her blood loss looks like it’s under control.  Her hemoglobin count dropped down to 6.5 two days ago (below 7.0 and they take action) and they gave her some more blood, which brought her back up to around 8.4, but it went back down to around 7.4 yesterday.  There’s still some blood loss, but it’s slowing as she heals.

The pulmonary doctor performed a schedule bronchoscopy yesterday and he said that everything looked pretty good.  They flushed out her lungs and examined the sutures holding everything together.  I can’t remember exactly what he said, but something to the effect of needing to keep an eye on the dead cells inside the lungs during the healing process.  Nothing out of the ordinary though.

That’s about it for now.  Anya had another good day.  She was able to get a little bit of sleep with the help of the sleepy meds from the bronch.  She’s still in the ICU, in a huge bay area, where there are up to 5 other patients around her at any time.  It’s not a great place to get some sleep, let alone to recover from transplant surgery, so we need to get out of this joint as soon as possible and hopefully into a room in the Dunn Tower or over at Kindred.

5 thoughts on “Post Transplant – Day 4

  1. Ardi. Carpenter says:

    So glad to hear positives steps in recovery. Little by little, Anya. Still prayerfully thinking about you, Honey! Stay strong!! Your cheerleaders are cheering you on for sure!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Ana, you are an amazing woman! I am an awe of your courage and strength. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!

  3. Jenne Cary says:

    Anya, you are EXTRAORDINARY! What a positive update just 4 days after you got your new set of breathing balloons! 🙂

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