Post Transplant – Days 9 & 10

Not a whole lot has happened over the past two days.  Anya’s still recovering from her second surgery.  She’s still in the ICU, but in a private room now.  The transplant team is going to take it a little bit slower this time around since she developed pneumonia and had all of the excess fluid in her lungs.  Both of those problems have gotten much better.

Anya has been on the ventilator for the past two days.  The team is giving her lungs and body a chance to rest before they start weaning her off the ventilator again.  She’s been in a lot of pain, mainly because of the second chest tube, but hopefully that will be out by Monday.

The two chest tubes are only draining a little bit of fluid now.  They’re probably ready to be removed today, but since they are being a little more careful, the plan is the leave them in until Monday.  Her pain should subside after they are removed.

The latest bronchoscopy didn’t show any pseudomonas, so it seems as though the infection is clearing, if not gone. The pseudomonas was the cause of all of her problems post transplant.  They gave her the standard regimen of antibiotics post transplant, but it turned out that the pseudomonas was resistant to those antibiotics, so it took them 5 days to find out which antibiotic was sensitive to the infection.  Once they started her on the new antibiotics, the infection slowed and as of today, there were no signs of the infection in the cultures.  Unfortunately, the damage of the pneumonia was already done, so now it’s just going to take a little longer for recovery, but Anya should have no problems making a full recovery.

Anya is feeling okay.  She’s dealing with a lot of pain, but they are adjusting her pain meds to help her until the chest tubes are removed.  When we left the hospital at noon today, they sat her up in her bed and put her on the trach collar at 60% oxygen.  This is the first time that she’s been on the trach collar since Wednesday.  The physical therapists are scheduled to come in tomorrow to take her for a stroll down the hall.

The plan is for her to stay in the ICU until next week, then move her over to Kindred, since she may need ventilator support and Dunn 4, the transplant recovery floor at Houston Methodist, can’t accommodate patients on a ventilator.

Anya last night feeling pretty good.  The bandages on her arms are from tape that ripped some skin off of her arms.  Painful, but they're not as bad as they look.

Anya – last night – feeling pretty good. The bandages on her arms are from the tape that ripped some skin off of her arms. Painful, but they’re not as bad as they look.


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