Rough Day

Anya had a rough day yesterday.

Both procedures went pretty well on Saturday.  The J-tube went in without a hitch.  And the bronchoscopy followed shortly after.  She was done by around noon.

They didn’t find much mucus in her lungs, so it’s good that the antibiotics are working, but this could also mean that the chronic rejection is getting worse.  We won’t know for sure until they extubate her and she starts breathing on her own again.

They tried to take her off the ventilator yesterday morning, but she desatted (oxygen levels below 90) pretty quickly and her blood pressure shot up to bad levels, so they decided to give it a few hours and try again.  A few hours later, after some sedation, they tried again, and still no go.  It was very disappointing.

The nurse told us all to leave the room to give Anya some rest, so that she could build up some strength for another try later.  They ended up NOT making another attempt to take out the tube for the day.

After I left the hospital, apparently Anya was having a hard time keeping her oxygen levels up, so the doctors performed another emergency bronchoscopy in the room.  They found some blood in her lungs.  They weren’t sure if they traumatized her lungs when they did the first bronch, or if it was another, new infection, but after the second bronch, her oxygen levels were “much better”.

We’re hoping that it’s just minor trauma, and not a new infection.  The fact that her oxygen levels are better leads me to believe that it’s not a new infection.  The doctors sent the fluids in for a culture, so they’ll know for certain in a few days.  In the meantime, they made some changes to her antibiotics, and stopped her blood thinner medicine to hopefully prevent more bleeding in the lungs.

When I saw Anya last night, she looked a lot better than she had been over the past few days. You could tell that there was less stress on her body with the ventilator breathing for her.  Of course, she couldn’t talk with a tube down her throat, but that didn’t stop her from making me scratch her itchy back and watching some stupid show on HGTV. 🙂  With that said, the goal is still to get her off of this thing and have her breathing on her own, as soon as possible.  Hopefully today.

BTW…if you’re on Facebook, Anya’s friend, Colette, created a page for her called Stay Strong Anya.  Anya’s been reading all of the posts, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, so if you’d like to leave her a message…please post on the page.



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