So far, so good

It’s been an amazing 24 hours!  Anya is awake and alert.  She’s still on the ventillator (assisted support), but they are going to take her off the vent and put her on the trach collar around 6pm.  By tomorrow morning, the plan is to get her vertical to help with the draining in her chest cavity.  Right now, she has four chest tubes in her draining out fluids and blood.  This is normal.

When we went to see her this afternoon around 4pm, she was joking, she was agitated, she was upbeat and she was very happy to be awake.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe the way she looked.  I was expecting a lot more swelling and definitely expecting her to be asleep.  She was only slightly swollen around the neck area, but that was about it.  I don’t think there’s a protocol for transplant recovery, so they go as fast as they think the patient can go.  I think all of the hard work that Anya put in before transplant is helping her now.  Thanks to Kindred  Also, I’m sure that she’ll be feeling it a little bit more after the pain meds start wearing off.

Anyways, things are going well.  According to the ICU nurse, the bloodwork was pretty “unremarkable”, which  means that her kidney function, potassium levels, magnesium levels, hemoglobin levels, platelets, etc. are all within a reasonable levels.  Nothing too alarming.  We spoke to the infectious disease doctor and he was encouraged by how Anya was on such low support with the ventilator already.  He was very optimistic.  The pulmonary doctor said that everything looked great in the bronchoscopy.  She was SAT’ing well on the new lungs.  His only concern was the bleeding, but he assured me that the surgical team was on top of it during the surgery, so it should be fine.

Things are looking good right now, but we’re not entirely out of the woods yet.  I mean, it’s only been 24 hours.  There’s still a long road ahead of us, but I would say that things look very encouraging right now.

Thank you everyone for your tremendous support!  Every single comment on this blog or facebook or text message or in person…it means to world to us.  This process has been so hard for us in so many different ways, but knowing that there are people out there thinking about us and wishing the best for us, means a lot.  Thank you so much.

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